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Improve Skin Texture

Top Med Spa in Lake Worth, Florida

Rejuvia is quickly becoming the Top Med Spa in Lake Worth. We’ve become a premier destination for all types of cosmetic treatments, because we’re focused on providing a truly wonderful experience to each and every one of our guests. Our certified medical staff has an outstanding passion for personal care, service, and quality. You’ll never be disappointed when you visit Rejuvia MedSpa.
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Erase the Signs of Aging with Obagi skincare in West Palm Beach

Obagi is a distinctively powerful skincare line that offers a wide range of benefits that include its anti-aging and rejuvenating properties. Each of the Obagi skincare products in Wellington, Florida used at Rejuvia MedSpa work together to accomplish a targeted goal applying potent, high quality ingredients and thoroughly researched technologies. The Obagi Skin skincare products have been used successfully on millions of individuals over the past two decades and its scientifically proven products focus on repairing the skin at the cellular level, which speeds up its renewal process.
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Laser Vein Removal in Lake Worth, Florida

Spider veins and varicose veins are an extremely common problem. Unfortunately, many people go untreated because traditional treatment methods have been expensive, time consuming and often extremely painful. At Rejuvia MedSpa, we offer a different approach: laser vein removal. By choosing laser vein removal in Lake Worth, you’ll get rid of those ugly veins without all the unpleasant side effects.

How Does Laser Vein Removal Work?

When you come in for laser vein removal in Lake Worth, expect the treatment to last for about 15 to 20 minutes (depending on the size of the treatment area). Using a special laser, our specialist will target the problematic veins. You probably won’t feel much, but the heat of the laser is sufficient to damage the vein, which causes the vein to scar and close. Since the closed vein will no longer have a blood supply, it simply dies and fades away.

In many cases, patients see results after the first treatment; however, if veins are larger or more widespread, multiple sessions may be required for full removal. Fortunately, this non-invasive procedure won’t cost you any down time, so you be back to your daily routine with minimal interruption.

Are You a Candidate for Laser Vein Treatment?

While laser vein removal is an excellent option for many of our patients, certain factors may affect the outcome of this treatment. By talking to one of our caring specialists, you can find out whether laser vein treatment is the right solution for you.

If you’re interested in finding out more about laser vein removal in Lake Worth, please contact us at 561-798-8818 and speak to one of our specialists. Rejuvia MedSpa is conveniently situated right behind Wellington Regional Hospital in Wellington, so drop by and let us provide the best solutions for a healthy, vibrant, beautiful life.

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